I am an artist, animal lover and professional tattooist .


My career began in Phoenix, AZ in 1994, and has since led me halfway around the world: As a lover of travel, I am thankful!


My current location is on the edge of beautiful Allegheny Forest/River: Tionesta, PA

* The studio is not open to the public. It is a private art space where I've worked hard to earn permit for one private room/chair to be used for tattooing.

* I work quietly and exclusively by appointment only.

Currently, I am fairly busy with repeat clients and their referrals, but I do sometimes make time for taking on new~ especially the locals!

As for my personal life: Most of my time is spent in the studio or at the cabin/home with my fur baby... hiking, bicycling, designing tattoos, painting and learning to garden.

Currently learning/practicing Work/Life Balance.


My career began when I was fifteen years old. As a child I leaned heavily toward art... and jumped at the offer of an official tattoo apprenticeship (1993). I began tattooing professionally in 1994.

Since then, I have built and sold four shops of my own: Three in Florida, the fourth in my home state of Pennsylvania...


Between travels, I have worked for a few celebrity shops including Hart & Huntington Orlando, Huntington Ink Las Vegas, Starlight Tattoo and Chester Bennington's Club Tattoo...


In 2020 I decided to move to a private studio where I am able to work at  leisure.

The new endeavor is a very small and quiet,

private tattoo boutique with hopes it will become a sanctuary of sorts, for me and all who may visit.


Large or small; my favorite style is simple illustrated black linework/design. I don't mind including a splash of color... especially if it's watercolor!

521 Elm St, Tionesta PA 16353  ~Not open to the public  ~Personal invitation and reservation required ~currently booked   
* Contact info is posted both here and on the Facebook page at times I am able to accept new appointments!
*Please keep checking!